There is a question that is often asked when it comes to men that watch porn GIFS, sex pictures or pornography altogether. The question is does it desensitize them? There are some studies which suggest that it does. However, a recent research found totally different results. So the question remains; does watching porn desensitize men? The answer may lie on some key factors to consider and on which research or study you believe.

The differences in the findings to this question has to be put in perspective. There is a huge difference between a casual porn watcher and a person that is totally addicted to porn. Some men spend all day watching porn GIFS animated images. If not, they also spend a great deal of time viewing sex pictures. In most cases, they simply view a combination of porn GIFS and sex pics. Regardless to which type of porn material you view, the issues are the same. Addiction to porn – or anything else for that matter – can be destructive. Watching too many GIFS of porn or sex pictures appears to desensitize men to real sex. But how and why does this happen?

The Reality Factor Opinion

One of the reasons studies found for men becoming desensitized by porn is the reality factor. Most men or women that are addicted to porn gifs images or sex pics often fantasize when they masturbate. They imagine themselves surrounded by the beautiful woman or women in the porn GIFS they been watching. Or by the hot and gorgeous babe in the sex pictures. The problem often comes from the high buzz men or women receive from watching and masturbating to porn. When the time comes to have real sex with someone, it often doesn’t compare. The intensity they feel from their erotic porn watching fantasies are nothing close to having sex with a ‘regular’ person.

Professional porn stars in sex pictures or porn GIFS get paid to act out in the porn material they are making. They often let men do things to them that most average women would not let their partners do. Things such as high intensity anal sex, rough sex or any other non-conventional sex, are not in average people’s sex lives. As a result, the person watching the porn GIFS and sex pictures may feel as if he or she is let down by their partner. In addition to this, there are the almost impossible sexual circumstances and positions the pornstars act out in the sex pics or porn GIFS images.

In retrospect, those that watch a lot of ‘kinky’ or wild porn gif images or sex pictures, will want to experience that in their real sex life. If, by chance, they find a partner willing to do those acts they see in the porn GIFS animated images or sex pics, then they are in luck. Their real sex lives may improve from viewing porn. However, when the partner refuses or does not want to engage in those acts, it can have negative consequences. It will lead to desensitizing a person to the point that their partner’s opinion and preferences will not matter; only the porn watcher’s satisfaction.

The Other Side Of The Research

In research which found watching porn does NOT desensitize men, the findings were different. The study concluded that men who watched porn GIFS or sex pics were more generally aroused. The UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior carried out the study under Nicola Prause. Also, Concordia’s Department of Psychology professor Jim Pfaus took part in the research. The study also found no connection between viewing sex pics, watching porn GIF images and erectile dysfunction. The research used 280 male volunteers who averaged viewing between zero to 25 hours a week of porn.

At the same time, critics of these findings point out to the lack of hours some men admitted to watching sex pics or porn GIFS. They say that the majority of those who experience desensitization problems are caused by porn addiction. The addiction meaning that they watch more porn than the average person does.

Does More Studies Equal Proof?

While the UCLA study found that there is no affect to a man’s sensitivity due to porn GIFS watching or viewing sex pictures, others studies disagree. The fact remains that there are more researches which have been done proving the opposite. A study from the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry, had different results. In that research, men ages from 21 to 45 were examined. Those who viewed at least 5 hours of porn GIFS images or sex pics, were found to have less sexual stimulation. They were compared to those that did not watch as many hours of porn. The sexual stimulation lack of activity was seen in certain parts of the brain.

Similar studies from several other places seem to prove that viewing too much sex pictures or porn GIFS animated images can have negative effects on a person. And their personal relationships, for that matter. In the end, each person must consider just how many hours of viewing sex pics and porn GIF images they are spending. Too much of any good thing can lead to abuse. Even masturbation and sex.